COVID-19/Coronavirus Prevention and Control

How we can help with COVID-19/Coronavirus prevention and control

Unfortunately, we now are in a situation where COVID-19/Coronavirus is here to stay with us for a while.  During this time, it is important to reduce the rate of infection anywhere we can to protect businesses from the fallout of large amounts of the workforce being absent because of illness.
Our regular cleaning service is designed to clean surfaces to remove dirt and grease and to provide anti-bacterial disinfection. The current COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic requires an antiviral clean. This clean is designed to help control the spread of the virus. In this procedure we put aside dedicated time to concentrate on cleaning high frequency touch surfaces. These are surfaces likely to be used by more than one person.
All our staff are fully equipped with the necessary hospital grade disinfectants, applicators and personal protective equipment to safely provide the required services.
As each business has varying requirements for potentially affected surfaces to be treated and frequency of service, we tailor the anti-viral cleaning to the needs of your business. Please contact our office to obtain a quote.

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